Founded in 2020, Seraphim Payee Services is a nonprofit organization that empowers people with resources they need to thrive, and to live the lives they envision in their communities of choice. At Seraphim Payee Services, we are committed to providing services that work for each of our customers. Each participant is assigned an Account Manager who will work with the individual on budgeting skills and money management techniques. The purpose of the Representative Payee Program is to increase an individual’s financial stability, maintain safe housing and develop their financial skills. The ultimate goal of the program is to assist the participant to move towards self-sufficiency and independence.


Seraphim Payee Services is part of a larger Family of Related Entities based in Atlanta Georgia referred to as The Seraphim Wealth Family of Firms (www.seraphimwealth.com).

The Seraphim Group has a heart of compassion for others, especially those who are affected by disabilities, mental illnesses, and those who may be financially illiterate. The Seraphim Group credits this compassion to it observing the lack of credible service typically afforded to the most vulnerable of our communities. Seraphim also understands the need to identify and continually work with other service providers who share the same compassion in addressing the needs of this underserved group.

The Group is overseen by a Board of Directors which include native of Atlanta Georgia and the surrounding Communities. The skillsets among the Board of Directors includes Educators; Councilors; Attorneys; Investment and Wealth Managers; Money Managers; Certified Public Accountants; and Executive Managers.

Our Board Members and Key Employees are carefully chosen to ensure they reflect people with care and compassion for persons in need of care, oversight, and direction regarding the life choices that may present to them. As a result, we strive to bring expert insight to helping clients meet their financial goals and remain dedicated to their small project details while keeping an eye on the big picture.


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