Representative Payee Service

We will work with our client to determine current needs and those of the foreseeable future, and use the benefit to meet those needs.

Direct Deposit Program

A voluntary program for those who prefer the security of having funds dispersed to a debit card, are required to have direct deposit, or cannot obtain or do not want a traditional bank account.


We evaluate the client's existing programs and offer advice based on our years of professional experience in the business.

Ongoing Education and Training

Our staff receives regular training and support from the Social Security Administration to ensure we are current with existing policies and procedures related to: eligibility, reporting responsibilities, privacy and the protection of personal information.

Innovation In Our Communities

We consistently work with community leaders throughout the state to develop innovative programs that help reduce homelessness and increase financial independence for individuals.

Accurate And Efficient Systems

We conduct account reconciliation and have the ability to instantly verify activity reduce fraud and protects clients. We practice safe and effective systems which guarantee the integrity of our accounting and control procedures.


Advanced Notification of Representative Payment

Application For Service

Physician's Statement - SSA


Seraphim Payee Services Code of Conduct

Social Security Guide for Representative Payee

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